Networking Events

The lightbulb wasn’t invented in order to improve the candle.

relEVENT was founded on the idea that for our industry to evolve, the smartest, most revolutionary leaders need to get together and share ideas. Our 2022 schedule is chock-full of networking events, each one has the potential to generate a lightbulb-like idea. This is the place to compare notes, sound off on half-dreamt ambitious, and see what your peers are doing that might work for your credit union. relEVENT is a meeting of the minds, make sure you’re there when it happens.

Check back soon for more details.

Welcome Reception

June 26, 5:00pm

Check-in in style and meet your fellow attendees at the start of the conference.

Networking Happy Hours

June 27 and June 28, 4:00pm

The first two full day’s worth slate of speakers and sessions conclude with a happy hour to recap and put some of the takeaways into immediate practice.

Sky Bar Event

June 28, 8:00pm

As the sun sets on the relEVENT 2022, you can watch the sun set on Las Vegas from Caesar’s rooftop bar.